In place of this month's meeting which was to focus on Sonnets, you are invited to set pen to paper and submit an original sonnet for posting

An Invitation

O Little Theatre Co We All Miss You

Our merry meetings help to ease the load

Of lockdown. 'Stead a kind of I O U

In shape of Sonnets. Write us an odd ode

To help us overcome and face the ban.

Take up your pen and scribe for a short time

It may be short or long. It may not scan

The meter may be clumsy, poor the rime.

You may find writing Sonnets is quite hard

At first your words may not flow freely as you want

But take you inspiration from the Bard

And lo words flow like water from a font

Though you may think you have no flair for Sonnet

Return to this page oft to read whats on it

Our first submission from Mike Sproule

O Humankind, consult your better part

And all those joys of chance do not eschew -

You blight yourself before you've made a start

By doubting you've the grit to see 'em through!

And so you drift from pie to half-baked pie,

Your oven low, uncrisping to the full

Those best laid flans and tarts that catch the eye,

Although you claim your weight's unstinting pull.

I'll wager every greenfinch on that tree

That pecks and picks the feeder on the bough

Will have its nuts and fly away more free

Because it met the challenge here and now.

Too many folk about us take the view

That they are bound to fail, whatever they do.

An unsolicited contribution from a dubious source

Ode to the lockdown by William Cakeshare

Our normal activities out of reach

We sit in the garden or stay at home

A stroll for two miles, a walk on the beach

So why not compose an ode or a pome?

Four weeks of lockdown and stuck in the house

Not much to do and little enjoyment

With nobody else but my darling spouse

Who tolerates me without annoyment

I miss the Lion on each Monday Eve

With all the new friends I have come to know

Perhaps the nicest thing is to believe

There will again be Little Theatre Co

So come on fellow thespians have faith

Until that day arrives stay well, keep safe!